There are days I remember something I’d forgotten a long time ago. I become curious about friends I used to write snail mail to or people who’d write to me. I wonder how they’re doing. I wonder what they’re up to. It takes me back to when we used to occupy each other’s space and time. Simply remembering makes me feel like time had not passed– though I often forget this may be one-sided. This feeling of nostalgia… This feeling of remembering something I’d lost… It is a good feeling. It’s one of my favorite feelings.

But… the internet is such a wonderful place. So easy. So accessible. So I stalk the person on the internet…. And get to know them all over again. Its like we are close friends again.

snail mail
preparing my love letters

Today, I start my first set of letters. I’ve always loved writing snail mail… There is something very intimate and precious about receiving a message that took some time, possibly some obstacles to reach you. I love coming home to mail that I didn’t expect and reading something that took some time to write. It means that I was in your thoughts. It means you care.

I’ve already drafted a number of the letters and now all I have to do is have it become a tangible letter. I supposed the hardest part about writing and creating these letters is simply that I cannot envision the reader. The audience is so large and I want it to affect each reader, so I get conflicted as to what the content should entail and what the letter should look like. I’ve bought so many knick-knacks to add to the letter that I feel like I may have done too much! But… you can never over do snail mail…. it arrives to the reader so slow.

All of this comes to a surprise to me because I literally write snail mail every week! And it comes to me so easily when I know who I’m writing to. So… we’ll see how it goes from here. I’ll write from the bottom of my heart. That should be good enough.

If you’d like to receive some snail mail, let me know and I’ll send the first 5 people free letters. Just message me on my INSTAGRAM 🙂