Final Wishes

Today, I compiled all the final wishes my exes gave me before we parted. I was a bit nervous to dig that far… and I was hesitant to see what I would find… but it was actually very therapeutic to look back into the past. I found that some posts were extremely ridiculous, some were incredibly sad, and others… actually a bit scary.

I wasn’t trying to paint anyone or any gender in a bad light really… So I kept it anonymous. (except for one… hahaha) I mean, I am not perfect either. ¬†But, these “final wishes”¬†actually happened and these relationships are key to making me who I am today. I think, this zine is a way of saying good bye to any bad feelings (if I even had any) that I had. I have always thought that if I can look back and laugh, I am fully over it.

Regardless, this was really fun to collect. I look back and think of how much I’ve grown. I look back and think of how much happier I am.

My last page has the phrase “You’ll never find anyone better than me.” This particular phrase was said to me more than once from different people. It always confuses me when I hear that. In a sense, its good that a person can be so confident… and in another sense, its sort of narrow-minded and narcissistic. There a thousands of people in the world. I hope in other people’s lives they can learn to find happiness and not settle when they know deep inside that a relationship is not what it should be.



Lastly, I did find someone actually. And he is literally everything I needed in a partner and more. I am extremely lucky to have him in my life and it puts everything in perspective. So… IN YOUR FACE!


I hope this is relatable to some of you… Enjoy!