letters from a secret admirer

I made my secret admirer zine today! I skipped school because of some food poisoning I got last night. I really wanted to get a lot done today because the zine fest is coming up soon and I have a lot to do. However, I managed to make my first zine!! I had written this a while time ago for a certain someone…

Writing letters was a very popular thing when I was in high school. I think everyone had a limit on texts so people were constantly passing notes to one another. I had diaries with some of my friends we’d pass to each other in the halls. And one of my best friend at another school would pass notes to me through classmates… It was a very tedious and slow way of communicating. Everyone folded their letters so magnificently too… Those were the days.

I remember when I received my first secret admirer letter. I was at CSSSA, and I happened to meet a boy who was selling paint brushes outside the cafeteria. I would buy one every other week… and one day, he handed me a handmade booklet with drawings and text. It was so sincere and unapologetic. I was young back then… and new to feelings so, like the nooblet I still am, I dodged him every time I saw him. But, oddly enough… that letter is still very vivid in my memory. I wonder what he’s up to nowadays? I wonder if he remembers the letter he drew me.

This secret admirer zine comes with a packet of lovely stickers and heart confetti. No two packages are the same. Each are unique.

Secret Admirer Letter

The envelopes are personalised with gold stars.

Secret Admirer Letter

The first page is made of vellum. And each page is hand folded by me.


I drew a couple of the pages and edited them in photoshop.

I really hope you enjoy them!


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